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  • Photo courtesy JGPHOTOWERX

    ROB McLENDON is my main rider out of Pensacola FL.

    Here he is leading the pack on his way to his 2nd win in 2 days at the Ashland OH.

  • Races during ’08 Vintage Motorcycle Days

    ‘Ronnie Rall leading out of turn 4’

    RONNIE AND ME AT WAUSEON ’08 Not bad for 70 and 65 year olds!

  • This ENFIELD RACING web site has been the outgrowth of my own vintage flat track experiences. I have spent many years trying to make my 500cc Royal Enfield single cylinder perform like a BSA Goldstar. NOW IT DOES, It’s basically the same engine. In the past the only person that achieved this was Shell Thuet during the mid sixties at Ascot, with Elliott Schultz riding. Back then the main problem was reliability. Enfield never had the racing development that BSA & Triumph did. Over the last 10 years of riding with AHRMA I blew up at virtually every track we raced on for the first 5 years, then I started to replace those parts that failed with a modified or my own design.

    This site contains the parts and improvements that I have found or developed for the RE singles and also reproduction parts that I make for vintage Harley Davidson WR and KR models. Some of these parts may also be used on other H-D models

  • American Motorcyclist ~ October 2004

    Just about anything you’d like to see or do involving old motorcycles can be found on the Mid-Ohio grounds during VMD. But there’s one good reason to leave: the American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association’s flat-track racing on Friday night at the Ashland County Fairgrounds.

    This year, dozens of flat-track fans enhance the experience by joining the AMA Dinner Ride, a back roads ramble from Mid-Ohio to Ashland led by AMA staff members, followed by a picnic din-

    ner as the racing is about to begin.

    On the track, everything from a flat-head, hand-shift Harley to a clump of 1970s Yamaha twins pass by in practice sessions, their riders looking for the fast line into turn one. In the pits, Bruce Arg­etsinger prepares two ‘5Os’-era Royal Enfield 500cc singles for the next session.

    He’ll ride one, while Motorcycle Hall of Famer Ronnie Rall will be aboard the other.

    Everybody involved in vintage racing has his own definition of success, and Argetsinger, who hauled his machines from Con­necticut for this event, knows exactly what he hopes to achieve. Back in the day, the Royal Enfield brand never scored an AMA Grand National victory, mostly because of fierce competition from Harley-Davidson and better-known British brands like Triumph and BSA.

    “My goal,” says Argetsinger, “is to make these as fast as a BSA Gold Star. I’m up to 42 horses. If I get five more, I’ll be happy.”

    Besides, where else can you show up with two 50-year-old bikes, go racing, and play tuner to a Hall of Famer?

  • Just five more ponies: Bruce Argetsinger won’t be happy until he gets as much horsepower out of an old Royal Enfield as a BSA Gold Star.